BMW Yellow

BMW Yellow is the dedicated school transportation service offered by Bookmywings for school going children. BMW Yellow provides many first in class facilities not only in Delhi-NCR but also in India. Our School buses are equipped with state of art technology to best suit your needs when it comes to the safety, fun and comfort of your child.

Being Parents we all are concerned about multiple problems related to school transportation service, e.g. your child’s School doesn’t provide their transport facility in your area, sky-high transport charges levied by the schools, over-crowded private school cabs, child abuse instances in Private School Cabs and many others. We know that Private School Cabs charge less in comparison to school transportation charges but do they provide female attendant facility or any other safety measure in their Cabs. Are you not compromising with the safety of your child?

We have carefully identified all such problems and designed an all-inclusive solution for all your concerns. Bookmywings provides only buses (ranging from Tempo Traveller to 52 seater Buses) for school transportation and all our vehicles have IP enabled CCTV Cameras, LED TV, Female Attendant, GPS Tracking, Speed Governors, Special Photo Identity Cards for the persons who are authorized to receive your child after the school, Website/Email/Helpline Customer Support, and apart from that we also comply the guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India applicable on school buses in letter and spirit. Click here to more about all the features of our school buses. So now onwards, you would not be compelled to send your child in his/her school through Private School Cabs or you are no more required to pay high transportation charges for school transport.

Don’t worry! We are here with best and pocket friendly school transport solution equipped with GPS, CCTV Camera, LED TV, Speed Governor and all other safety measures. Moreover, your child is accompanied with female attendant. So you need not to worry….!

BMW Pink

BMW Pink is the dedicated Home to Office Transport Service for working and college going women and girls, offered by Bookmywings. BMW Pink as the name suggest, offers customized travel solutions to all women and girls for whom safety, fun and comfort is the top most consideration when choosing their daily transport facility. Gone are the days when women were working as full time housewives. Now in 21 century they are stepping out and working as bread earners too.

But unfortunately groping, eve-teasing, molestation pick-pocketing and other crimes against women are rising day by day. We have done a lot of research on this and customized special solution for ensuring the better half of our nation’s population to reach their offices and their colleges/institutions with safety and also with great fun and comfort.

All our female transport cabs are equipped with GPS, Speed Governors, App based Panic Button and police verified drivers. We also provide the female drivers facility (best effort basis) on demand and hey! why should the travelling time be boring. So we have newspapers and fashion, bollywood and spiritual magazines in all our female transport vehicles. So travelling will be a fun with no worry of safety. Nah! that is not all, you always have the option for opting out value added services like wifi, female drivers, CCTV camera etc.

Now may be that you are thinking that all such facilities might comes at a premium charges. No, just hold on! calculate your monthly expenses on auto/e-rickshaw/rickshaw, metro, buses and others and we can assure you that our price would never go out of your budget. We have designed a special business model which help us to keep our service charges not only best in the market but also within your budget. So girls and ladies what are you waiting for? Just give us a missed call at 81-3020-8080 or contact us, because we don’t want you to pay for even a call made to us.

How it Works.
Just let us know the location of your home and office and timings of pick and drop. Also please mention the number of people in your group and then give us some time so that we could customise the best route for you. That is all. Simple and Easy.

BMW Green

BMW Green is the Environment Friendly dedicated shared transport service offered by Bookmywings. BMW Green offers customized travel solutions to all persons irrespective of their age and gender. Any person may opt for this service which is offered at best price. We provide various options like Maruti EECO/Winger/Tempo Traveller and many others whereby the people may fulfill their daily travel needs with best in class features and that too and guaranteed best price.

The service is designed to decongest Delhi-NCR roads by replacing multiple cars with one shared car or other vehicle as mentioned above. High level of pollution has become a major threat to environment and therefore it becomes the duty of all of us to contribute in reducing the pollution level by opting shared transport service like BMW Green. Government and privately operated public transport facilities does not provide enough safety, fun and comfort measures so that people could be encouraged to leave their personal vehicles at home and commute to their offices and other destinations by public transport. Many problems are associated with public transport and over-crowding, pick-pocketing, appropriate timings are few of them.

Further, owning a car also comes with a huge cost. Fuel prices are soaring day by day. Most of the private vehicles ply on the roads with only 1 or 2 passengers in it which also deteriorate the environment. We have come up with a solution of all these problems. Just opt our shared transport facility and be the owner of your own car without worrying about the hefty expenses associated with it. Personal car at the price of public transport. Wow!

So what are you waiting for now. Just give us a missed call at 81-3020-8080 or contact us and leave the rest upon us.

BMW Blue

BMW Blue is the dedicated corporate transport service offered by Bookmywings. BMW Blue offers customized travel solutions to all corporate houses irrespective of the number of employees working there. Your employees are the best assets for your start-up or your company. Why should your employees spend their precious time on roads while dealing with hassles of public transport. Major studies have proved that the productivity of employees is highly affected by the hyper-tension caused to them due to travelling through public transport.

We have gone to the root of this problem and thereupon designed this highly customised service to suit the best of your needs. We are here with tailor made solution for your company or your start-up. Bookmywings provides the best in class services in corporate transport segment. We know that arranging transport facility for your start-up is a tedious job and therefore we want you to focus best of your time in enhancing the profits of your company without thinking about the transportation needs of your employees. Leave it upon us, we are specialized in that.