About Us

Our History

We know that India is highly populated and so are the roads of it, especially Delhi-NCR Roads. They are really overcrowded. Travelling through Public Transport has become a nightmare for everyone. Personal vehicles are increasing day by day and so are the prices of fuel. It is the common man who is being hit the most by this scenario and our founders were not the exception. Roadrage, safety of children and women on the road, instances of misbehaving and eveteasing with women in public transport, unhygenic and overcrowded, uncertain timings etc are the common problems which are associated with the public transport.

Everyone of us cant afford the private transport for each member of our family. Even the pollution by private cars are one of the biggest threat to the environment. Everyone of us has atleast wished once of having our own wings. Yes! We thought why we cant have our own wings. We decided to bring the necessity into reality. And here comes “Bookmywings”

So what are you waiting for!!!!! Book Your Own Wings @ Bookmywings..!

Our Vision

“Bookmywings” is the Trademark of Transport business subsidiary of Optus Universal Pvt. Ltd. Bookmywings deals in providing creative, and customized transport solution with an out of the box thinking involved in the whole Idea. We are providing the transport solutions for school children, corporates and the working women to reach their destination in a safe, enjoyable and hassle free way. After all we don’t want you to feel the burden of day to day travel to your destination. We are here to turn the burden into fun.

We are providing the best as well as first of its kind transport solutions while setting benchmarks for others and that too while returning the best value for your money. All the drivers associated with Bookmywings are police verified, educated and well mannered and so are the women attendant and male attendant. We are providing different categories of transport solutions ranging from high capacity school buses to cabs.

We have customized a specialized transport solution for school children as Bookmywings Yellow with dedicated facilities and services. Click Here to know our facilities.

Similarly, Bookmywings Pink is our tailored transport solution for working women to help them to reach their workplace with ease, safety and complete peace of mind.

Bookmywings Blue is the customized and need based transport solution designed while keeping in view the requirement of the corporates and start-ups.

Time is money and why waste your money on the road. Spend that quality time with your loved ones.